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Embodied Love

Cultivating depth in our relationships

Are you ready to Claim the Love you deserve?

The Embodied Lover workshop is a three week course designed to deepen your relationship, call in the love of your life… and embody the love this world so desperately needs.

Whether you’re seeking to be a better partner, attract the love of your life, or just want to deepen your connection to the one you're with, this course will unlock the tools and techniques that will help you cultivate true intimacy, powerful partnership, and a strong, abiding love.

Over the course of three weeks we will examine and expand the very definition of love, deepen your connection to self, discover new ways to communicate, and uncover the blocks keeping you from living the Love-filled life that you deserve and are so worthy of. Together we will access your inner Lover’s deepest fire in order to help you connect with your passion for life and communicate your truest desires to forge truly Transformational Intimacy.

YOUR LOVER NEEDS you in your FULLNESS. This whole world NEEDS YOU IN YOUR FULLNESS. Whoever you choose to love will certainly CRAVE (nay REQUIRE!!!) your UTMOST PRESENCE… and you owe them nothing less.

This is the path of THE EMBODIED LOVER: to learn how we can we BE TRULY PRESENT WITH LIFE, to create within ourselves a Sacred Container for which to HOLD DIVINE LOVE, and to, ultimately, create safety within our partner to EMPOWER HER INNER GODDESS to emerge.


It's true that most men live lives of quiet desperation... going through the motions of existing, doing the chores to keep things moving, and completing "honey-do lists" for our partners.

But it is very few men who dare to reach deep into their souls and connect with their hearts in a way that sets their soul on fire... and so they just sort of exist... never knowing what it means to really FEEL ALIVE.

And so the world (and their lovers) only ever know them at a fraction of their TRUE SELVES as nothing more than adult boys- never truly lit up or inspired, able to hold love in its fullness. Never able to truly ravish their lover let alone the world. And so, they sit on the sidelines of life or seek to play small parts as they shy away from their hearts’ true stirring in order to play it safe…

If this is you, it's time to put down the charade and step up to your heart's potential.

The world needs you.

We all need you.


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