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"If you want to go fast, Go Alone.  
If you want to Go Far , Go Together."

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Doing the work isn't easy.


Most people don't have the courage to find their edge and live in it... to push beyond their ego in order to experience what it feels like to fully live as an expression of their divine purpose. It takes a lot just to get out there and meet the day-to-day - where does that other strength come from??


Strength comes from community. Truly transformative growth comes from brotherhood. It comes from having people who care about you and see the best in you even when you can't. It comes from showing up for yourselves and others. It takes practice, repetition, commitment, and accountability - and to be fair, most men have never had this kind of supportive container in which they could expand and grow into themselves. Sure we have supportive people in our lives, but they also rely on us. This is gym time. This is where we get the reps in. If you're looking to do the work and inspire change in your life and others' we'd like to invite you to join us. 

We've made our introductory offer as cheap as possible because we know what it's like to have money be a barrier. We also have full scholarships available for those who are in need - to apply simply send us an email ro schedule and connection call at the bottom of this page and we'll find a way to help. We're committed to every member's growth and we are stronger together. 


Why we charge money (shouldn't brotherhood be free??)

Friendship is free. Communities that build together share resources together. Our mission is to help lead men to the work and to help them be successful on their path. We can't do it alone. It takes time, money, skill, motivation, and courage for us all to show up.


When we offer an energetic exchange, it allows us to receive which allows our counterpart to give more fully without feeling drained. Our intention is to register Brothers of the Moon as as a nonprofit 501c(3), but even this costs money and time. Websites, Zoom costs and other infrastructure add up. 


We have a rotating cast of facilitators and guest speakers and we feel it is important to honor their time and offerins with a small stipend of $20 per session so they may continue to grow their own offering and gifts.


Thank you for supporting us on this journey of lifting one another to new heights.  

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